Women\'s leather wallet, new design Piamonte 637.


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  • Women\'s wallet, our latest minimalist design.
  • Extra flat horizontal format with flap and rubber closure.
  • Made of cowhide, with exterior and interior of different color.
  • Optimized distribution with card holder, wallet Y purse.
  • 6 departments (coves) for cards, DNI, driving license, etc.
  • You can hold up to 3 cards per slot, for a total capacity of 18 cards.
  • 2 departments side by side, you can use one for a wallet and the other for tickets and papers.
  • Zipped coin purse topped with a small leather puller, with a capacity of 20 coins.
  • 1 front mini glove box.
  • Women\'s leather wallet, with textile lining and elastic band.
  • You\'ll love its slim design, organized for medium-high capacity.
  • MEASUREMENTS: length 18.5 cm, height 9.5 cm, bellows 1 cm.