Khaki green men's wallet, icon 950


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  • The small portfolio that according to our clients is the best portfolio in the world.
  • It has: rear wallet , 2 slots for cards (one on each side) and central department with black vinyl grille for ID-driver's license
  • In each cove you can store up to 3 cards. When brand new, we recommend 2 per cove until the skin gives in a little.
  • Resistant, light and compact.
  • Elastic rubber closure, secure wallet.
  • Many customers fill it to the brim, overloading it will give up the rubber,
  • You can change your rubber in Gravina 4. 28004 Madrid, or in a good shoemaker.
  • Although, probably, you will buy a new one for the pleasure of changing and brand new, since you are going to love it.
  • Universal format suitable for all banknotes in the world.
  • Measurements: 6.50 x 9.50 x 0.90 cm.
  • Our small trifold Wallet, 2 card slots, 1 central department for ID-driving license, back bank folder. (Universal, for all the banknotes of the world)
  • Strong, slim, light and made to last.
  • Elastic closure to keep it all safe.
  • Handmade Leather wallets by Piedmont, established Madrid, since 1986.