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Marco handbag and shoulder bag.

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  • We have reissued one of the pockets Piedmont classics as it is a model that our clients continue to order in our Madrid store.
  • This limited edition is more luxurious, in snake skin white and matte black.
  • Its sophisticated and versatile design allows you several uses:
  • How handbag, its original make. Bring a rock and glamorous touch to your events and meetings.
  • Over the shoulder in summer, since we have slightly lengthened the original strap without altering its proportion.
  • shoulder bag; another extra, the shoulder strap to carry it crossed in so many moments that we need hands free; trips, push the children's cart, take suitcases, have a drink, go shopping.
  • It is a medium bag, with medium-high capacity.
  • The python snake skin is soft, eternal and very visual.
  • Piedmont only uses genuine, farm-raised snake skin. As lovers of the planet, our commitment to the conservation of endangered species involves not using them.
  • Measurements: Height: 21.5 cm. Ancho:26 cms. Depth: 13 cms decreasing to 8 cms. Handle: 44 cms. Shoulder strap: 98 cm total.
  • Interior: red organic cotton lining, zipper and Piedmont logo.
  • ¿How to care for snake skin? preventive care only: avoid exposure to the sun, it can change its original tone. Avoid spilling liquids, as it absorbs them. Do not add any cleaning liquid. Just wipe with a soft cotton cloth slightly dampened with water.
  • Limited Edition handbag 
  • This is a luxurious reedition of our classic Marco bag.
  • Made with black and white real snake, to add a rocking touch to your looks.
  • You can wear it as a shoulder bag, crossover bag or handbag.
  • Interior: organic red cotton, zippered pocket, Piamonte logo.
  • Measures: Height: 85 inches; Width:10 inches. Depth 5 inches.
  • Handle:17 inches. Crossover strap.39 inches
  • We are respectful to the planet, using only hatchery snake and not any species in danger of extinction.